EU Referendum

The truth about the EU
What do people say about the EU?
What are the main views on both sides of the argument?
PART TWO – THE EU: Some background
A Brief history of the EU
Prophetic voices speaking about the EU
Moral and ethical Righteousness – the character of the EU
The European Federation of States (The Last World Empire?)
The Feet of iron and Clay
The pollution of Money and Trade
Powers and principalities
Idol Worship
Religion and Freedom
The End Times
Conclusion and Bibliography

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Andrew's Public speaking dates

  • Stoking the fires

    From 7pm on Thursday to 10pm on Sunday on 16 Aug 2018

    317 Abergele Rd, Old Colwyn, North Wales LL29 9 YF please see

    From 7pm on Thursday to 10pm on Sunday16 Aug 2018
  • Portchester

    10.00 on 29 Apr 2018

    Portchester Christian Fellowship

    10.0029 Apr 2018

    All Day on 28 Apr 2018

    SKYFALL 2 Conference

    All Day28 Apr 2018
  • Cuddington

    5.30 on 22 Apr 2018

    Cuddington Methodist Church, Bucks

    5.3022 Apr 2018

Andrew's news & Updates

  • January 08, 2018

    Eastleigh Prophetic Hub SKYFALL 2

    April 28th 2018

    Contact Danny Stupple]

  • Chichester Prayer Conference Tuesday 13th March 2018

    ‘Seeking God for Guidance and Equipping’

    10.00am – 3. 00pm

    Speakers:      Andrew Baguley and Roger French

    Subjects covered will include:

    Praying for God’s will, guidance and equipping

    Praying for the saints

    Signs and significance of the times


    This day conference will be held at Swanfield Chapel, Swanfield Drive, Chichester, PO19  6TD

    Admission: free

    Refreshments: drinks will be provided but please

    bring your own lunch.


    For further information please contact

    Alan Crook tel. 01243 930085 or

    Roger French tel. 01243 4300879

  • New Book Released

    “Where are we Heading? Heaven only Knows!”

    please see

  • January 20, 2017

    New Book released called “Shaken”

    In this book Andrew considers with great wisdom and insight some of the probable reasons behind the Referendum result and also some of the likely consequences shaping the future of the UK, Europe and the world from a political, financial and spiritual viewpoint.

    “He is passionate for Biblical truth and the Gospel message in what discerning Christians believe are the last days before the expected return of Jesus Christ”. Rev Roger French Bible teacher and conference speaker